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Thursday, October 23, 2014

#813 Voly

Sexy and Sassy is what this Chic outfit from Purple Candy screams to me.

appliers included for various mesh bodies/parts
I am wearing cute azz and Lola Tangos, 
in combination with slink
 Mesh Hands elegant, and slink mid high feet.
Skin is ~PixyStix~ Penelope Bare 5 of 10 
( past hunt prize not available any longer.
Hair catwa Elsa 

#812 Doll Parts

✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰
Stalker T's 50L each - 3 colors-
Shh I am in your closet
Can I wear your Skin
I live under your bed
 I will eat your Soul
Doll Parts Skin - 300L

All items are exclusive to the fair for the duration of the event.
Includes the following appliers:
Slink (Visage, Physique, Hands & Feet), TMP (Head & Body), Omega, Baby Bump, Lola, Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam, Butts (, Sking, uL, G. Inc, Banned)

✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰ ღ ✰

Lola Tango
Slink Feet Flat High
Slink Elegant Hands
Hair Wasabi Pills Aida (whites pack/Faded)
Skirt - Pearl Fashion Mini Black